Phototherapy and Insurance – by Dr. Seemal Desai

Dr. Seemal Desai gave a very informative presentation about Photo-therapy treatments and Insurance coverage in the US, during the first support meeting this year in January.  A summarized version of the presentation is posted below for sharing (click on the link below to see presentation).   Dr. Desai’s presentation included information about the how various insurance companies cover the cost of photo-therapy treatment and some history about how the coverage has been slowly diminishing, due to changes in laws and regulations.  He also touched on the fact about the need for vitiligo patients’ community to stand up for our rights with the law makers and bring our cause to their attention, to help support the financial burden through various means.


We hope to bring experts like Dr. Desai to our future meetings and share information like this for everyone to learn and participate.

Thank you Dr. Desai!

Medha Iyer

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